Upper West Exterior Façade


The 2020 Fund-A-Need project is focused on the restoration of the upper west exterior façade of the church and includes tuck-pointing and repairing gaps in the stone, copper and glass.

While work is planned to restore all five bays, the Fund-A-Need will support the full restoration of one window bay – specifically the bay on the west wall that is positioned closest to Hennepin Avenue. Repairing our façade is essential to the well-being of our historic building and the foundation to success for all future interior projects.

As your circumstances allow, please consider making a gift to this year's Fund-A-Need:

The 2020 Fund-A-Need seeks to raise $64,000 to support the restoration of the bay window closest to Hennepin Avenue. The entire project scope includes:

  • Comprehensively repoint deficient mortar joints
  • Replace weathered sealant on window hardware
  • Repair copper roof deficiencies 
  • Fill cracks with appropriate patching material 
  • Stabilize or remove unstable stone fragments
  • Remove plant and biological growth
  • Clean exterior stone to remove soiling and contaminants and spot treat with biocide
  • Investigate conditions at cracked and displaced units at the east bell tower and provide temporary repair until more comprehensive repairs can be undertaken  
  • Install more advanced interior moisture sensors to monitor interior moisture levels in the plaster ceiling


“The exterior of The Basilica is clad in a high-quality White Vermont Granite. This particular granite demonstrates tremendous strength and consistency in composition. As a result, it is a very durable construction material and, even after a century of exposure to Minnesota’s harsh climate, it remains in excellent condition. Mortar, on the other hand, is designed to be sacrificial; it deteriorates faster than stone, and requires more frequent attention.” - Ginny Lackovic, Preservation Specialist at the multidisciplinary design firm of HGA


Supporting The Basilica Landmark restoration honors the history and plans for the future of The Basilica.