Exterior Façade


The 2020 Fund-A-Need project is focused on the restoration of the exterior façade of the church and includes tuck-pointing and repairing gaps in the stone, copper and glass. Repairing our façade is essential to the well-being of our historic building and the foundation to success for all future interior projects.

As your circumstances allow, please consider making a gift to this year's Fund-A-Need:

The entire project scope includes:

  • Comprehensively repoint deficient mortar joints
  • Replace weathered sealant on window hardware
  • Repair copper roof deficiencies 
  • Fill cracks with appropriate patching material 
  • Stabilize or remove unstable stone fragments
  • Remove plant and biological growth
  • Clean exterior stone to remove soiling and contaminants and spot treat with biocide
  • Investigate conditions at cracked and displaced units at the east bell tower and provide temporary repair until more comprehensive repairs can be undertaken  
  • Install more advanced interior moisture sensors to monitor interior moisture levels in the plaster ceiling


Supporting The Basilica Landmark restoration honors the history and plans for the future of The Basilica.