Planned Giving

Planned Giving


About Planned Giving

You can help preserve and restore The Basilica of Saint Mary for future generations by making The Basilica Landmark a beneficiary of your will or retirement plan today.

Planned giving is for anyone, regardless of age, income level or assets. Strategies for making a planned gift can be tailored to meet a broad range of goals and circumstances. When you make a planned gift, you join the Landmark Legacy Society. Learn more about the Landmark Legacy Society here.

Next Steps

Please contact our Landmark Development Team and we will partner with you to ensure your intentions to support the community you love are met by leaving your legacy with The Basilica Landmark. 

If you would like to designate a gift in your will or give directly from your retirement savings, it's important to use this beneficiary language:

The Basilica Landmark
Tax ID # 41-1754864
88 N 17th Street
Minneapolis, MN 55403

Landmark Deferred Gift Disclosure Form [download]
Complete this form and return it to The Basilica Landmark.

How to include The Basilica Landmark in your Trust or Will

If you have questions about how to include The Basilica Landmark in your Trust or Will please contact Sue McGuigan. Sue will connect you with a professional from our Planned Giving Committee to answer your questions.

We partner with FreeWill to make it simpler than ever to establish your legacy with The Basilica Landmark. FreeWill’s secure online estate planning platform can help you create your will for free and, if you choose, include a bequest in your plans to sustain The Basilica of Saint Mary for years to come.

How to include The Basilica Landmark as a named Beneficiary

Including The Basilica Landmark as a named beneficiary of a retirement asset, such as an IRA (required minimum distribution RMD) or 401(k), is a great strategy to maximize the tax efficiency of your giving. Simply list The Basilica Landmark, Tax ID # 41-1754864, on the beneficiary designation form provided by your employer or IRA administrator and specify the dollar amount or percentage of the assets you would like to assign.

The Basilica Landmark partners with FreeWill to help our community create their estate plans and plan for distributing all their assets. Using the online tool below, you can log all of your assets, indicate where you have named The Basilica Landmark as beneficiary, and receive printable instructions on how to set each one up with your financial advisor.  Plan your beneficiaries today.


Supporting The Basilica Landmark restoration honors the history and plans for the future of The Basilica.