Reardon Rectory

Reardon Rectory

February 25, 2017

The Basilica of Saint Mary has been a welcoming community for people of all ages, wherever they are on their faith journey, for more than a century. The Building of Hope has been a spiritual home to many, a place for those most in need in our community and a cultural center. It is critical that everyone has access to all areas of the campus and can continue to participate in all The Basilica offers.

The Basilica Landmark is excited to announce that through a grant to the parish, we broke ground in the spring of 2013 on a new elevator tower addition to the Reardon Rectory. The original elevator in the Reardon Rectory, built in 1928, served us well for decades but is no longer functional. Unfortunately, the original elevator space is about three feet wide and four feet long- which does not meet present-day standards and codes, and doesn’t allow for wheelchairs. As a result, we need to build a new elevator tower. 

In addition to the construction of the new elevator tower, The Landmark’s grant will provide handicapped-accessible restrooms in the Rectory. The tower will service the fourth floor of the Rectory, which is unused today. This opens up future access to the large space; it could be used for groups as big as 75 people. 
Construction was completed in December 2013. 

Now nearly 90 years old, the Reardon Rectory cannot accommodate current (and future) space needs for our growing parish. Starting in January of 2015, work began to convert the unfinished attic space on the 4th floor to office and/or conference space.  A new stair with access to the 4th floor in the Rectory will be installed to provide the code-required access.  The finished 4th floor area will have dedicated office space, an ADA compliant restroom, appropriate furnishings and a climate controlled space for the archives and art storage.  Install central air conditioning in the Rectory building.  Reconfigure existing Rectory office, meeting and storage space for maximum efficiency and usability. Sprinklers will be installed at the same time.  

This project cost an estimated $1.5 Million dollars and was completed fall 2015.



Supporting The Basilica Landmark restoration honors the history and plans for the future of The Basilica.